Fulfilling the Purpose - Justin Bieber in India

May 10th 2017 was an iconic day for India. Justin Bieber was the talk of the country for days leading up to the concert. And the immense production, days after.

Designed by Nick van Nostrand, the 22 mtr x 18 mtr stage demanded a sizable number of lighting fixtures strewn across a vast roof, stage floor, wings & thrust. Owing to our capability of fully matching the rider with top-notch inventory, Star Dimensions India was entrusted with the duty of lighting & rigging for the show.

540 fixtures illuminated the DY Patil Cricket Stadium.

Elation Platinum 5R beams displayed their reliability and sharpness. Martin Mac Aura XB washes were the definition of beauty in subtlety.

In addition, the thunderous Martin Atomic LED strobes, Clay Paky Mythos, Robe Colorwashes and Martin Mac Quantum washes proved to be a visual spectacle.

The formidable 22 Universes were controlled by the ever- trusted Grand MA2 Fullsize console, NPU and Artnet systems.

The network configuration was one of the toughest to crack. State of the art cabling, networking and fibre optics flawlessly transmitted the multiple signals, and due precaution was taken to cater to spares.

A big challenge was definitely the punishing weather. Peak of Summer in India ensured the equipment & crew was truly put to the test. But, the robust Stage NA RDM splitters and Stage Na Diginets, and a large number of high powered cooling fans ensured we sailed through. Not a single fixture acted up and the show was flawless. Resounding reviews from the artist crew, promoter & fans was our biggest satisfaction. A job well done.

For rigging we turned to our ever-dependable Global Truss accessories & fittings, hoisted by CM lodestar motors. It took extreme precision and safety precautions to achieve neat cantilevers, balanced uprights and a rock solid rig.

Complementing our state of the art rig was sister company Spectrum AV. They provided the 10mm high definition outdoor LED with 125. sq mtr of Upstage screen. 6mm Outdoor Led constituted the 2 IMAG screens of another125 sq.mtr total. The whole package was duly delivered, as promised. The push of a button, and Voila! Rig on. The atmosphere is lit. Purpose achieved.

Fun Facts

70 litres of Smoke Factory Heavy fog & Tour haze fluid

540 lighting fixtures

52 hour setup

9,764 Control channel ( 22 Universes)

Lighting & Rigging Crew

Directors: Ashish Mehta / Jay Mathuria

Chief Lighting Engineer: Syam Gopinath


Ramcharan Gaud

Rahul Monn

Satish Thakur


Yuvraj Chavan

Vikas Pawar

Balaji Chandewad

Joyden James


Shivcharan Gaud



Santosh yadav

Mangesh Jadhav

Spectrum AV

Directors: Jay Mathuria / Ashish Saxena/ Chirag Patel.

Senior Engineers: Musarat Ali / Harish Poojari


Tahir Khan

Abdul Salam

Parshuram Shinde

Danish Ali.

Ghanshyam Tiwari

Ahtshyam Shaikh

Mahtab Alam